Morality of food

Good food, Bad food… Does food have morals?

Almost every day in my office I hear a client say that they ate a certain food because it was “good” or they try to avoid all “bad foods”.  Another frequent discussion is a client stating “I am a bad person” because I ate a cookie, pizza, cake, or another food that is often deemed “bad” by society, or they say “I was good today”. Their determination of them “being good” is based on only eating foods that day that they determine to be “good”.  My question is “When did food develop morals?” I often joke to clients about the time I threw an almond at the wall during a session just to prove to that client that the almond “didn’t have feelings and therefore could not be inherently good or bad”.  The almond was not mad at me for throwing it against the wall because it has NO FEELINGS, and therefore, no sense of right and wrong.