This is about you

When you come to counseling with me, it will be all about YOU! (And a little about us, collectively.)

The relationship is the most important aspect of what makes therapy effective, so if you don’t feel comfortable with me, it won’t work.

Do you identify with any of the following statements?

  • You try to restrict and/or control your appetite and food intake
  • You frequently hate your body and wish it would change
  • You binge on large amounts of food and then end up throwing up or using some other way to try to “get rid” of the food
  • You hate yourself but try to put on a show that everything is “perfect” in your life
  • You’ve been on multiple diets, cleanses or “clean eating” regimes only to return to overeating and weighing more than before you started 
  • You over- exercise and “punish” yourself for eating too much
  • You have been to treatment centers only to return to your eating disorder behaviors
  • You only allow yourself to eat a very restricted diet, and while you may not be underweight your eating habits are greatly restricting your life
  • You are tired of going to two appointments each week with a therapist and a dietitian and feel like your life is consumed by your eating disorder
  • You get conflicting information from various treatment providers which makes you frustrated and confused
  • You think if you just had enough willpower to stay on a diet or meal plan you could lose weight and feel happy
  • You feel anxious, depressed, fearful, or hopeless about your future

And the most important one…

  • You WANT to get better and live your life according to your goals, dreams, and values but have no idea how to do this or where to start 

If you have dealt with any of these we are probably a good fit to work together!
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